GMR Airports Stock Sees Slight Decline Amid High Trading Volumes on May 23, 2024

GMR Airports listed under GMRINFRA on both the BSE (532754) and NSE witnessed a minor decline of 0.34% in its stock price on May 23, 2024. The stock closed at INR 87.40 down from the previous close of INR 87.70. The day’s trading saw the stock oscillating between an opening price of INR 87.75 reaching a high of INR 88.40 and dipping to a low of INR 86.65.

In terms of trading insights the spot price settled at INR 87.20. The trading day saw a total of 6,163 contracts traded with a turnover amounting to INR 60,660.10 lakhs. The market lot size for GMR Airports stands at 11,250. The day’s open interest (OI) was recorded at 176,231,250 indicating a decline of 21,397,500 or 10.83%.

Bid-Offer Analysis and Options Market Activity Reflect Investor Sentiment

The bid and offer analysis revealed a bid price of INR 87.35 with a quantity of 112,500 and it an offer price of INR 87.45 with a quantity of 56,250. The Put-Call Ratio (PCR) for the day was 0.56 down from the previous 0.67 indicating a shift in market sentiment.

In the options market the most active call options included the 90.00 strike price with a volume of 29,846,250 at INR 1.80 followed by the 95.00 strike price with a volume of 24,401,250 at INR 0.75. Other notable active call options were at the strike prices of 88.00, 100.00 and 89.00. For put options the most active included the 89.00 strike price with a volume of 9,585,000 at INR 3.80 and the 85.00 strike price with a volume of 6,772,500 at INR 1.55 among others.

GMR Airports Futures and Options Dashboard

The open interest (OI) dashboard showed that futures OI stood at 176,231,250 a decrease of 21,397,500 (-10.83%). Call OI was recorded at 107,662,500 and an increase of 10,316,250 (10.60%) while put OI was at 53,437,500 a decrease of 12,791,250 (-19.31%). Volume analysis indicated a significant surge with futures volume increasing by 528.88% to 69,333,750. Call volume spiked by 1,257.14% to 150,693,750 and put volume rose by 1,003.08% to 56,340,000.

The position limit revealed that the current OI stands at 420,356,250, significantly exceeding the market-wide limit of 24,702,760, reflecting a total OI percentage of 1,701.66%. This indicates a high level of investor interest and activity in GMR Airports stock.

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Fundamental analysis of GMR Airports shows a market capitalization of INR 52,633.44 crores. The stock’s earnings per share (EPS) is 0.08 with a high price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 1,090.00. The price-to-cash ratio is also 1,090.00 with a book value of 36.32 and a price-to-book ratio of 2.40. The dividend yield is currently 0.00% reflecting no dividend payout. The industry P/E stands at 676.80 with the stock’s face value at 1.00.

Final Words

GMR Airports experienced a slight decline in its stock price on May 23, 2024 amidst significant trading volumes and notable movements in the options market. The substantial changes in open interest and volume indicate active trading and possible strategic positioning by investors. The fundamental indicators reveal a robust market cap and high P/E ratio reflecting market confidence but also a high valuation compared to earnings. The options market shows active trading particularly around the strike prices of 89.00 and 90.00 indicating significant investor interest in these levels.

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